Nonprofit conversations about evaluation are expanding into broader notions of knowledge itself as a strategic investment.

Engaged philanthropy requires foundations to be self-aware and transparent about their position, privilege, and intentions in social change.

Addressing structures of inequity calls us to develop knowledge through both reflection and action.

Program decisions require data that is short-term and fluid; The learning for initiative impact is long-term and contextual.

Knowledge development for change connects policy and practice learning to our values and shared visions of the future.

Supports and Services for:

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Nonprofit Organizations

Hire us if you are a nonprofit, foundation, intermediary, or association — to deepen understanding of target issues and increase strategy and program value.

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Philanthropic Investors

Consult with us if you are investing in social change strategy and are interested in capturing participant, organizational or network learning as essential to impact.

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Bring us in at any stage of your collaborative effort, from design to implementation, and in the role  — liaison, manager, coach — that best suits your existing staffing and collaborative needs.

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Issue Networks and Initiatives

Engage with us if you want to develop knowledge processes, document change, and embrace concepts and structures that strengthen issue networks and maximize shared change strategy.

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ADVISORY COMMITTEE — Knowledge Designs to Change welcomes advisory committee members who are informing and advancing the field of knowledge work:

Carrie Boron offers expertise in communication, participatory democracy, and knowledge management in both philanthropic and nonprofit initiatives.

Jennifer Mursaloglu brings experience in assessment processes, community engagement processes across various settings, and insights on diversity, needs of parents, and educational settings.

Ellen Pader, PhD brings expertise in qualitative methodology, ethnography, equity analysis, and social and policy education for civic engagement.

Donna Studdiford advises on communications, research, and reflective practice leading toward strategic outcomes.


Current Activity

NEW!  Knowledge Integration Framework for increasing value of equity and social change investments. Check out blog or read more

kd2change – why knowledge matters to equity

PARENTII — Building on a multi-year relationship, Knowledge Designs to Change has become a participant in a learning agreement between Dr. Paige Bray and the University of Hartford’s Parent Inquiry Initiative, Parentii, and the Kettering Foundation.  Parentii is a collaborative inquiry project that seeks to learn about and develop parent leadership, voice, and agency to influence community change that benefits children and families in Connecticut.  This exciting partnership continues to deepen my understanding and practice of knowledge construction in civic networks for change.

CPENKnowledge Designs to Change has entered into partnership with the Community Partnership Exchange Network (CPEN.)   CPEN is a grassroots-led collaboration that activates change within the Newhallville neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut.  CPEN was formed by Doreen Abubakar to work with residents and leaders to gain access, resources, and community building skills. KD2Change is partnering to identify and develop knowledge tools and capacity that can contribute to this community leadership and change strategy.

Arts in CT — Knowledge Designs to Change is working with Barbara Alexander and a team of volunteers to develop grant strategy skills and build organizational systems to support a shared leadership approach and process for ongoing learning and development.  Through creative partnerships and programming, Arts in CT fosters community-wide engagement in the arts while building an artist workforce in under-resourced communities in Connecticut.

AERA’s Knowledge to Action Conference — Earlier this year I participated with a group of Connecticut Scholars in an American Educational Research Presentation titled Public Scholarship Encouraging Research Use: A Session About Knowledge Development.  We discussed a multi-year philanthropic initiative that engaged university scholars in an educational change network in Connecticut.