Evolving Research

Angela K. Frusciante, Principal

My enduring curiosity sits at the intersection of knowledge process, social dynamics, and engagement in public space. This interest leads me to questions about social and policy change and how philanthropic investment supports social action and democracy. For example:

I am intrigued by the dynamics when groups and civic action bump up against institutions.

I believe there is value in connecting the institutions of philanthropy and academia in service to communities and social change.

I seek to deepen the understanding of democratic process, public scholarship, and the learning of groups and networks focused on social change…..

At the same time, individual conversations with colleagues about the Knowledge Designs to Change frame provided both encouragement and questions.

How is knowledge development different than evaluation? How is knowledge development growing as a field in philanthropy? What does it take for foundations to partner with engaged scholars for social change? What is meant by exponential change?

These and related topics are key to the Knowledge Designs to Change concept and service approach.