Ways of Working Together

Knowledge Designs to Change enters into partnerships as a framework rather than a model. We seek to adapt our services and broader methods to the needs of individuals, organizations and networks that are trying to achieve socio-political change that is deep, structural, and lasting.

Throughout our design process, we invite creative alternatives to our methods, and seek to act together with engaged partners.  We value the contribution of all participants in knowledge efforts, even as we take responsibility for our own interpretations and involvement. As part of knowledge strategy, we encourage public sharing of partners’ experiences and input.

Service Types:

Knowledge Opportunity Scan

KD2Change has developed a signature process that provides an in-depth synopsis of the knowledge potential of your strategy and identifies key leverage opportunities in relation to goals and existing processes.  The resultant report and recommendations are best shared through a presentation and discussion to appropriate staff. Fees are based on size and complexity of the strategy.

Annual Service Retainer

KD2Change recognizes that knowledge development can be amorphous and change with the needs of the initiative.  Retainers provide an option for organizations to access a variety of knowledge services as they are needed over time.  This option is quite useful early in a design process and for organizations that have little or no knowledge support on staff.


KD2Change works together with your team to design a scope of services that maximizes the knowledge integrated strategic potential of your approach.  Often projects emerge from an initial knowledge opportunity scan or co-design that happens during an annual service retainer.

Case Partnership

KD2Change encourages reflection and public sharing of your knowledge process and experience.  Case partnerships are creative ways to combine strategic action and contribution to your specific fields.

Knowledge Coaching / Research Design/ Leadership Development

KD2Change offers hourly services that respond to targeted advisory needs in areas of knowledge development, research method design, and leadership development that is grounded in participatory learning processes.

Please call to discuss our services and fees.