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Knowledge Opportunity Scanning and Engagement

Knowledge Designs to Change has developed Knowledge Opportunity Scanning, a signature audit process that provides an in-depth look and synopsis of the knowledge potential of your strategy and key leverage opportunities that align with your culture, processes, and goals.

Knowledge Opportunity Scanning is a great entry point for groups who want to strengthen or even shift their approach or change strategy.

Knowledge Opportunity Scanning brings together grounded understandings about equity and change approaches with the very real pressures and needs of funders, nonprofits, and civic sector organizations.  Together, we identify points of synergy between learning and action and embrace a holistic form of knowledge as embodying or simply “how we show up in the world.”

Using a framework, developed through over 25 years of field experience, Knowledge Designs to Change will support you in identifying the places where focused inquiry, research, documentation, or dialogue can move your change strategy to greater impact.

Knowledge Opportunity Scanning is grounded in the belief that the world moves quickly and collaborative change work requires us to be engaged and active and able to make decisions at an individual level that remain true to shared understandings and commitments to our collective work. As such, we are always scanning for:

  • Structures that show up in our own beliefs, our ways of working, in our context and in our individual and societal narratives;
  • Spaces where people engage in relationships, conversation, and decision-making;
  • Pathways through which power moves and activates change.

A Knowledge Opportunity Scan illuminates your work in a way that encourages alignment between your work and the change you want to embody and encourage.