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Values and Ways of Working

Knowledge Designs to Change enters into partnerships as a true collaborator, listening and learning about the organization’s needs and co-designing methods that best suit the organization’s journey toward change.  We seek to adapt our services and methods to achieve socio-political change that is deep, structural, and lasting.

We value the contribution of all participants in knowledge efforts. Knowledge Designs to Change believes that actively learning and teaming with partners toward shared values and visions for the future is key to maximizing the talents and energies of our partners.  As part of knowledge strategy, we also encourage public sharing of partners’ experiences and learning to benefit a broader base of constituents, colleagues, and change agents.

We seek to co-design ways of working together that are most beneficial to the task. We offer our partners various frameworks, from standard scopes of work, to product-driven engagements, to longer term and retainer-based arrangements that provide clients an as-needed approach to their knowledge supports.