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Speaking Engagements

Knowledge Designs to Change offers experienced perspectives and a unique voice, providing background and historical information, context, and informed views on important questions and topics facing our society and how civic sector engagement results in lasting change.

Dr. Angela K. Frusciante, is principal and founder of Knowledge Designs to Change and brings over 20 years of experience in the social sector in advancing equity and supporting individuals and organizations in reaching their full potential.  As a socio-political scholar, Dr. Frusciante’s research and practice are focused on philanthropic initiatives and the ways in which groups construct knowledge for social change.

Dr. Frusciante is an experienced presenter who can speak on topics such as the relationship between grantmaking and change; nonprofit excellence and sector trends; promising approaches for improving lives and communities, and the public practice and policies that affect them.

In addition to speaking at events and meetings, Dr. Frusciante is a resource for journalists, columnists, and bloggers who seek to report on issues that affect the health of the nonprofit, philanthropic and social services sectors.

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