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Services Overview

Knowledge Designs to Change conducts high quality knowledge work that is far-reaching and effective at maximizing your change goals.  Whether you are a community group, nonprofit organization, philanthropic investor, public collaborative, advocacy network or a change initiative, no effort is too big or too small for us. We seek partners who are committed to using their strengths and positional power to achieve enduring social change.

We can work with organizations in a variety of ways, such as through:

  • a co-designed scope of services:
  • a project-based engagement:
  • one-on-one or team coaching;
  • organization capacity building supports;
  • research design and inquiry facilitation, and
  • shaping your processes and lessons learned in case formats for broader sharing.

We can also engage on a retainer basis as we recognize that knowledge development can be amorphous and often shifts with the needs of the initiative. Retainers provide an option for organizations to access a variety of knowledge services as they are needed over time. This option is quite useful early in a design process and for organizations that have little or no dedicated knowledge staff.