Embodying Equity Inside and Out:

A Knowledge Strategy Course for Changemakers

Changemakers are often overwhelmed, disappointed, or even frustrated with traditional forms of assessment, evaluation, and social research. We sense that standard approaches don’t align with change and even have historically hurt our communities. Now, more than ever, we want to creatively invest resources into knowledge approaches that are integrated with desired change.

This Course is for Changemakers who want methods and data processes to actually contribute to a better world!

Engaged Scholars — Funders — Network & Movement-Builders — Community-Serving Organizations

Maybe you have experienced…

  • Feeling constrained by a model imposed on how you work with communities.
  • Getting frustrated with having to collect tons of data that is rarely used in strategy decisions.
  • Feeling tired and irritated that money and time are invested into activities that don’t serve to increase equity.
  • And as a result, communities miss out on the very powerful processes of shared knowledge building that can serve to shift narratives and actually energize meaningful change.

I know that we can create a better way!

By embodying a new way of being in our knowledge practice, we can enhance equity through our knowledge work even when we are not the ones making strategy decisions. We can feel more grounded in our own method decisions and can connect more fully to the change potential across the spaces where we engage.

We can show up in ways we hadn’t realized before and can feel a greater sense of ease in navigating the complexities and challenges of change efforts.

Together we can get down to the business of co-creating the change that our communities envision.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be able to convey what knowledge work is and why it matters to change.
  • Distinguish ways that knowledge work shows up in funded social change efforts.
  • Identify the multiple roles and opportunities associated with knowledge work.
  • Explore your own location and readiness for knowledge work that is about equity.
  • Be inspired to notice realistic entry points for transformative methods.
  • Recognize partnership opportunities for knowledge integration for equity.

Course sign-up:  http://knowledgedesign.thinkific.com/

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