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Vision and Mission


Knowledge Designs to Change envisions a world where communities and the systems that guide access to services (e.g. education, health care, housing the economy, safety and security) are effective, fair, and inclusive, enabling all people to participate fully and reach their potential. Through civically focused knowledge partnerships, groups, organizations and networks can engage in inquiry processes to achieve robust outcomes for a prosperous society.

With this vision, Knowledge Designs to Change partners with community groups, nonprofit organizations, philanthropic investors, collaboratives, public agencies, advocacy networks and change initiatives to connect and deepen policy and practice efforts. We move toward this vision by aggregating the very best sector knowledge and serving as an accelerator for learning and innovation that generates solutions to the toughest problems. We strengthen change efforts through dynamic systems and leadership development focused on knowledge creation that directly leads to shared success and robust change outcomes.


At Knowledge Designs to Change, we believe that every community serving organization, every movement builder, every funder, every public or civic initiative, no matter what size or budget, operates within a network of potential. Each change effort can help create a more equitable, engaged society and contribute to deep and lasting structural change. Figuring out how to change, and how to advocate for change, is what we call knowledge work.