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Presentation History

Frusciante, A. (2024). Leading with Equity: A Workshop to Strengthen Knowledge Practice. PEAK 2024. Seattle, WA.

Frusciante, A. (2023). Alchemy in Action: The Dance of Knowledge Building, Grant Strategy, and Equity. Blackbaud. Charleston, SC.

Frusciante, A. (2023). Workshop. Knowledge Deep Dive for Grants Professional. PEAK Grantmaking Convening. Baltimore, MD.

Frusciante, A. (2022). Embodying equity as methodology: A view from philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. All-In Conference, Institute for Social Transformation & URBAN Research Network, Santa Cruz, CA.

Frusciante, A. (2022). (Panel Designer and Chair) Exploring Knowledge Work in Today’s Philanthropy. Council on Foundations Career Pathways Alumni Spotlight. Virtual.

Frusciante, A. (2020 – postponed due to pandemic). It’s not all about the money: Working across philanthropy, community and research through equity inquiry. All-In: Co-Creating Knowledge for Justice conference, Santa Cruz, CA.

Frusciante, A. (2018) National Webinar: Embedding equity inside and out: How grantmaking process and change go hand-in-hand. PEAK Grantmaking.

Frusciante, A. (2018) Embedding equity inside and out: How grantmaking process and change go hand-in-hand. PEAK Grantmaking Conference, Orlando, FL.

Frusciante, A. (2017) Chair, Public Scholarship Encouraging Research Use: A Session about Knowledge Development. American Education Research Association (AERA), Annual Conference

Frusciante, A. (2015). Co-designer and presenter.  Prioritizing Equity and Learning, Inside Out.  GEO Learning Conference. Boston, MA. Materials: Learning and Equity in Foundation Practice: A discussion starter about engagement in university learning partnerships.

Proposer and Co-designer/facilitator. (2014) What’s equity got to do with it? The realities of collective impact success. Catalyzing Large Scale Change: The Funder’s Role in Collective Impact. Collective Impact Forum, Aspen, CO.

Guest Professor, (2014) Session on Collective Impact in the University of Connecticut, Department of Public Policy. Grantwriting and Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations., West Hartford, CT.

Invited speaker.  (2014). Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) staff session to inform strategic planning focus on support needs of learning officers.

Designer of pre-session workshop. (2013). Research Agendas to Impact Network Learning and Change: A Conversation between Scholarship and Philanthropy. Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

Panel participant. (2013). Making the right evaluation choices for your organization. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) Learning Conference.

Roundtable facilitator. (2013). How networked investments may be altering your organizational reality.  Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) Learning Conference.

Panel participant. (2013). Speed mentoring for career professionals. Council on Foundations Annual Conference.

Plenary Speech. (2012). Comments about Parent Engagement.  Connecticut Childhood Conversations Conference.

Organizer. (2012).  Multi-colleague panel presentation including program and support staff, director and lead trustee.  Supporting educational change: Strategies and tools for philanthropic learning.  Council on Foundations Family Philanthropy Conference.

Presenter. (2011). Arafeh, S., Frusciante, A., Quenoy P. Shifting from evaluation to “assessing as part of network learning” in a philanthropic organization: One case study. Eastern Evaluation Research Society. Annual Conference.

Panel Co-chair. (2011). Education Issues and Intersections presentation. Collaboration between schools and the nonprofit sector: Rethinking leadership strategy for education. Association of Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) conference.

Poster presentation. (2011).  Network learning, nonprofits, and social diversities: Exploring structures for educational change.  ARNOVA annual conference.

Invited speaker on innovative approaches. (2011). Network learning: Connecting and interacting towards knowledge. Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canada.

Organizer and chair (2010). Premiere panel of the Education Issues and Intersections Group of ARNOVA, Panel titled: Exploring nonprofit/education intersections: Redefining relationships between people, between organizations, and between learning theory and nonprofit practice. ARNOVA annual conference.

Invited panel member. (2009). Remarks about William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund experience using RBA. Results Based Accountability practitioner forum: Panel on RBA and strategic planning.  Legislative Office Building, Hartford, CT.

Paper presentation. (2009).  Structuring and supporting success in multi-community initiatives during harsh economic times: Liaisons at the heart of an innovative engaged strategy. ARNOVA annual Conference.

Invited lecture. (2005). Discussing Development, Qualitative Analysis, and Change.  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Regional Planning Program.

Roundtable discussion. (2003). Holism, resource investment, and action in comprehensive community evaluation: Vision, reality, or another way to learn categorically? Civic Education Conference.

Roundtable discussion. (2003). Representing civic learning: Addressing challenges of reporting on civic investment, action, and holism. Civic Education Conference.

Paper presentation. (2003).  Emerging a socio-political context for educational change: Questions of educator participation in the evaluation of comprehensive community initiatives.  American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference.

Symposium participant. (2002). Leadership for community development: Measuring social capital in school-linked comprehensive community revitalization. University Council for Educational Administration Conference.

Symposium chair and presenter. (1999). Construction and critiques of learning-community relations within and beyond schooling. AERA Annual Conference.

Presentation. (1998). Doing community: A preliminary framing of community-action-inquiry. Qualitative Research in Education Conference of the Qualitative Interest Group (QUIG), University of Georgia.

Roundtable discussion. (1997). Retention of minority students: Exploring the relationship of sense of community to university approaches. American Sociological Association (ASA) Annual Conference.

Roundtable discussion. (1996).  Involving youth in creating community. National Community Education Association (NCEA) Conference.