Nonprofit conversations about evaluation are expanding into broader notions of knowledge itself as a strategic investment.

Engaged philanthropy requires foundations to be self-aware and transparent about their position, privilege, and intentions in social change.

Addressing structures of inequity calls us to develop knowledge through both reflection and action.

Program decisions require data that is short-term and fluid; The learning for initiative impact is long-term and contextual.

Knowledge development for change connects policy and practice learning to our values and shared visions of the future.

KD2Change offers social science services that support equity strategies and collective action.
We partner with community groups, nonprofit organizations, philanthropic investors,
public collaboratives, advocacy networks and change initiatives.
No project is too big or too small. We assemble our team to meet your goals.
We tailor our scope to meet the size and complexity of your approach and budget.

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Knowledge Opportunity Scanning and Engagement

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Knowledge Practice Building — Coaching, Webinars, Workshops, and Courses

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Engaged Inquiry Facilitation

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Research Design, Demonstration and Partnership

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Current Activity


Co-creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations/ Organizing: Putting Equity, Justice & Heartwork at the Center of Whole-Systems Change

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This research marks important advances in co-creating inquiry methodology with change agents who are working in and through equity initiatives.  Knowledge Designs to Change is about greeting change work from inside the values of the work itself. One aspect of our shared power lies in asking questions and together developing processes that illuminate our lived experiences. Whether we make meaning through words or numbers or art, knowledge processes are about shared and embodied action. My hope is that this report illuminates some ways in which CEIO, as a community of practice, is bringing us together into a more just and equitable future.