We create credible processes for understanding the impact of your work.

Knowledge building does more than inform decisions, it maximizes the impact of strategy decisions.

We support organizations and networks in establishing knowledge-generating systems centered in greater equity.

Knowledge is all about making shared meaning that helps ensure your activities promote equity.

We engage with organizations and networks to build the knowledge that energizes equitable change.

Knowledge Development connects both reflection and action to build structures for greater equity.

We connect policy and practice learning to values and shared visions for an emerging and more equitable future.

Knowledge development is a powerful new field based in both past wisdom and exciting new vision.

Embrace the opportunity to further your impact!
KD2Change offers social science services that support equity strategies and collective action.
We partner with community-serving organizations and nonprofit intermediaries,
cross-sector collaboratives, networks, movement builders and change initiatives.
No project is too big or too small. We assemble our team to meet your goals.
We tailor our scope to meet the size and complexity of your approach and budget.

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Explore Your Knowledge Opportunities

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Develop Knowledge Systems and Practices

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Build Engaged Inquiry Teams

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Co-design Research and Demonstration Partnerships

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Exciting New Course!

For engaged scholars, funders, network & movement builders, and community-serving organizations.

Changemakers are often overwhelmed, disappointed, or even frustrated with traditional forms of assessment, evaluation, and social research.

We can create a better way!

This course will support you, your organization, members or grantees in embodying a new way of being through knowledge development practice.  Explore how you can strengthen strategic decisions that enhance equity and promote a greater sense of ease in navigating the complexities of change efforts.

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URBAN CONNECTicut aspires to create a community of scholars and change-makers who engage and explore big questions now emerging in urban society. We co-construct this work to amplify civic possibility and bring together residents to activate civic influence.

An enduring regional effort is our Civic Design and Public Work, a partnership among the URBAN CONNECTicut Node of the national URBAN Research Network, Knowledge Designs to Change and the Center for Montessori Studies at the University of Hartford.

Current Activity

New Webinar

Exploring Knowledge Work in Today’s Philanthropy


Meaning making is the heart of human creative agency; shared meaning making is the soul of social change efforts. Knowledge work embraces both.

Over the past decade, talk of knowledge work within the philanthropic sector has increased exponentially. More and more roles either have the word “knowledge” in their title or utilize “knowledge” activities. Under a flurry of names, philanthropic initiatives are perceived to need evaluation, documentation, narrative building, story, scanning, indicators, theory of change models, and the list gets bigger. Amongst all of this, conversations of knowledge work are often either too general, too jargony, or too narrowly focused on the technical details of methodology.

This webinar takes a practical view of why attention to knowledge work is desperately needed in today’s philanthropic efforts. A panel of discussants from various locations (disciplinary backgrounds, types of foundations, professional roles) will come together to talk about how knowledge work shows up in their particular spaces. Their experiences will open up the possibility of envisioning a knowledge field that aligns in purpose and practice with the needs and opportunities of today’s philanthropy.

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Co-creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations/ Organizing: Putting Equity, Justice & Heartwork at the Center of Whole-Systems Change


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One aspect of our shared power lies in asking questions and together developing processes that illuminate our lived experiences.  This research marks important advances in co-creating inquiry methodology with change agents who are working in and through equity initiatives.