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I never really thought of it that way either… until the end of last year when I applied for membership in the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (NNCG).

On the surface, it might seem like just another professional membership — a thing you pay into to claim your stake in a field or put a stamp on your credentials.

This process was so much more!

After seven years as an independent scholar and consultant, I finally realized that “independent” didn’t mean going it alone.  I have learned something valuable at every meeting whether it has been a “state of the network” or a “member café.” Consultants really are great at asking great questions that help shift practice.

The vetting process also helped me to re-affirm how intertwined my passions for equity and shared knowledge making are with philanthropic organizations, intermediaries, and initiatives.

Thanks Lisa McGill and Jessica Bearman for introducing me to NNCG and all those who have welcomed me!

I look forward to an amazing year ahead…

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