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People ask me why I call it “knowledge work” rather than learning, evaluation, landscape scanning, information management, storytelling, data technology or something else…

My answer is really about equity.  I believe that the essence of knowledge is shared meaning making, human agency, and, ultimately, power.  There are many activities that we can undertake in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector that can be useful. However, equitable change requires us to harness our individual and our collective power and that starts with shared meaning making.  When we focus here, we can then design the most creative and “change-ful” approaches and systems.

I recently launched a course to support changemakers who want to better understand and utilize knowledge design in their practice.

However, colleagues have told me that they prefer guided courses and group gatherings rath er than going it alone.  This Fall, I am offering a virtual community of practice. We will meet seven times and align our conversations with the course modules.  In addition, I will provide a half hour complimentary individual session with folks who want to apply the course lessons to a specific project or knowledge goal of your organization.

Check out the course and reach out to me to join this lightly facilitated gathering in the Fall.

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